Removing the Stress of Home Inspections

Joni and I have been involved in real estate and construction for many years. Joni is the daughter of a real estate developer and has had her real estate license for over ten years. I have been involved in many aspects of construction for 30 years.  The Cahn Team (Erik and Joni) would like to use our experience to help you list your home.

Listing your home can be very stressful. You have to keep your home immaculate  everyday,  allow total strangers into your home and then bargain with those people to get the best price for your home. Once you have fully executed signed contract then you have a professional home inspector go through the ins and outs of your home. The home inspection can be a very stressful time. The inspector finds all those little items on the honey-do-list you or your honey have not taken care of. Even worse, a major defect might be found that you were not even aware of.

The Cahn Team is putting together a series of videos to remove the stress of home inspections. This is the first video of the series.  Enjoy the video and please feel free to give us a call if you would like us to help you list your home! (928) 899 0646

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