Why Retire in Prescott, AZ

Prescott Square resized

As a long time resident and real estate professional in Prescott we frequently get asked “why should I move to Prescott”? I decided to take a break from my office across the street from courthouse square and clear my head before a training class. I grabbed a sandwich from Shannon’s Gourmet Cheesecakes, one of our many local restaurants then proceeded to grab a bench in the middle of the square. From someone who seeks a simpler way of life I think I found the perfect place. It felt sort of like Mayberry and a Norman Rockwell painting displayed on a living canvas. As I look around there the most significant object is the Yavapai County Courthouse. originally wood framed structure was built in 1878, After surviving the whiskey Row fire of 1900, it fell into a neglected state. It was replaced by the current granite clad building in 1916 that stands today. The Courthouse Plaza is a city block in size. The Granite courthouse is surrounded by a large green space. During the week this green space has kids playing frisbee or playing catch, Maybe a couple grabbing lunch or tourists reading The States history carved into the sidewalk on the Northside. On a weekend like the one coming up we have the Phippen Western Art Show. Last weekend it hosted the 43rd annual Whiskey Row Marathon. Many events take place all summer long. I should not stop at summer. All the way into December with the Courthouse lighting. The City of Prescott and many philanthropic organizations pitch in to raise money to light all of the 50 plus trees that line the plaza. The plaza is a bit of a buy center of town. There is a nice mix of local restaurants, antique shops, art galleries, and local businesses. Several times a year the streets around the courthouse are blocked off to accommodate parades. The two major events are the 4th of July Rodeo parade and the Christmas Parade. Thousands of visitors and residents flock to the square to scope out their best viewing locations. As it comes my time to depart the splendor of the courthouse plaza to go back to the hustle and bustle, I take one last look around. I see two young boys playing hide and seek. A family sits at picnic table and enjoys their picnic lunch. A young lady lays in the shade with her dog just trying to catch a power nap. Their are several tourist looking at large statue of a cowboy on a horse. This cowboy was Bucky O’Neal. Bucky gave his life as one Teddies, Rough Riders. So in closing I would say this is one of many reasons why I would retire or Vacation in Prescott, AZ.

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